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Mänttäri Family Association was founded in Liikkala village, Sippola parish, province of Viipuri (Viborg), Finland, in 1934. 

At the moment it is the sixth oldest family association in Finland. Our files now contain 60,000 people, starting in 1610. 

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Mänttäri Family Association Ltd.

The Founding of the M.F.A.

The Mänttäri Family Association can be considered founded when farmers Alvar, Anton and Esa Mänttäri, dealer Emil Mänttäri, labourer Erik Johan Mänttäri, businessman Evert Mänttäri, factory owner Vihtori Mänttäri and banker Ville Mänttäri met at Mäkelä house on October 9th, 1932 to discuss and decide on founding a family association. The rules drawn up by the drafting comission presided by Vihtori Mänttäri were accepted in the meeting on January 1th, 1934, and signed in Vihtori Mänttäri's house on March 24th, 1934. According to them the intention of the association was to collect memories connected with the family and to support the mentaland economical development of family members. A Family Reunion was to be held once a year and the family association could not be discontinued. These rules, however, were not registered. Vihtori Mänttäri acted as the first chairman of the Family Association to his death in 1938. Esa and Arvo Mänttäri from Mäkelä House have acted as chairmen after him.At the Family Reunion on July 12th, 1959, Esa Mänttäri and Evert Mänttäri were elected honorary members of the family.

Registration of the Association

With the expansion of the activities the rules and organisation of the association were reorganized, and the Mänttäri Family Association was registered in 1964. According to the rules "the intention of the association is to cherish the traditions
of the family and the feeling of togetherness of the members as well as their mental and economical development. In order to do this the association collects memories, traditions and things connected with the family, organizes meetings and keeps a family book. The association can start a fund and obtain both real and personal property. The association can help members of the family in case of illness and in their studies." According to the rules, spouses are equal members of the association, family reunion is held every four years and there is no membership fee but the necessary means are collected voluntarily. These rules are still in force.

The Organisation of Family Association

Family Reunion

  • Every fourth year (2nd Sunday in July in an Olympic year)
  • Elects to the Family Council a chairman and 20–30 member

Family Council

  • Meets at least once a year

  • Elects for a year the vice chairman and 7 members to the board

  • Considers the annual report, makes up the balance sheet and budget

Board of Directors

  • Is in charge of the activities of the association
  • Elects the chairman, vice-chairman and other officials

The following have acted as chairmen of family council: Evert Mänttäri (1964–1976), Leevi Päivärinne (1976–1991), Jorma Mänttäri (1992–2012), Anssi Paasivirta (2012–2020) and Olli Sipilä since 2020. Evert Mänttäri was elected honorary chairman of the family in the family reunion on July 7th, 1976.